The thing about the photographs that Andreas captures is this...they are so alive, so full of emotion, of depth, of unabashed gorgeousness. They are perfect enough to hang on your walls, but soulful enough to bring you to tears each time you look at them.

— Abby Larson, Style Me Pretty

“I’ve seen a lot of photography, and a lot of wedding photographs. You are a real photographer Andreas, and I love your compassionate eye.”

— Suzanne

“Your work is very nimble, inventive within boundaries, loving and fun.”

— Larry Fink, Society Photographer

“May I say that your photography is outstanding and beautifully caught, with an imaginative set of eyes, and talent.”

— Ted Grant, Canadian Photojournalist

“Andreas’ photography exceeded our expectations in every respect. He went above and beyond to capture the heart and soul of our special day . Andreas made it very personal - we felt that he knew us as a couple and was able to capture that essence in his work.”

— Nicole and John


“We found Andreas through the Style Me Pretty blog and quickly hired him to shoot our wedding in the South of France. This turned out to be the best wedding decision we made. Not only is his work exceptional, but he is also a really nice guy. I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

— Rebecca and Toma Milbank

“Andreas is a master at capturing timeless wedding images.”

— Weddingbells Magazine

“I know that when I am a mother, I will relive this moment with even more meaning than I do now. Thank you for coming to Nassau Andreas.”

— Bryn

"We hired Andreas, from Canada, to fly to Paris to be our photographer and it was, the most special moment to us. His photographs, are like none we've seen before. They are, stunning."

— Thibauld

 "Andreas captures each moment like a little still life, each element is carefully lit and placed perfectly in the scene."

— Catherine Lash, The Wedding Co.